Frequently Asked Questions


What food waste can I put in my Garden Bin or Garden Bag?

We accept food waste and kitchen scraps excluding fish, meat, poultry and its packaging. We offer this service where your council is not offering a food waste collection.



How long will it take to receive my Garden Bin or Garden Bag?

Delivery will take place within 10 working days of placing your order. No-one needs to be home at the time of delivery and your Welcome Pack confirming details will be emailed through to you.



How often are they collected and how will I know when it is due?

We offer regular four and eight weekly collections, we also offer a fortnightly bin collection in some areas across Auckland and Waikato.

Customers will be sent a collection email reminder the weekend before their collection week, so you know our truck will be coming.   You can also download our latest calendar found on a website.



What are my payment options?

We have multiple payment options available for our customers. Our preferred payment methods are direct debit or internet banking.  

Please note surcharges apply for credit card payments. 



What can go into my Garden Bag or Garden Bin?

We take almost anything that grows in your garden such as leaves, lawn clippings, weeds, pruning etc.  All this material helps make high quality compost.



What cannot go into my Garden Bag or Garden Bin?

Green waste material is generally what grows from the ground upwards.  We cannot take noxious weeds such as ginger plant root or bamboo and flax.  Branches thicker than your wrist or longer than your arm need to be cut to size to ensure they are not protruding past the brim of your product.

Soil must be kept to a minimum.  Please shake soil off the weeds. 



Where should I leave my Garden Bag or Garden Bin?

To ensure your bag or bin is collected we need to ensure access to your property and your product is clear and accessible.  Kerbside bin customers must have their bins out at the kerbside, in the same place as your council bin collections.  Please see further details about location and access when you log on to your account.



Can you put your collections on hold?

Customers on our four weekly premium service can postpone collections.  Customers on less frequent cycles are not able to cancel collections. A product rental fee of $2.00 will apply with all skip requests.  Customers can skip a maximum of two collections per year.  To skip a collection you must log in online or phone our automated Telephone system no later than 3pm Friday prior to your scheduled collection.



Do you offer a casual service?

Yes, we offer a casual service for our 600 Litre Garden Bag or if you have your own 240 Litre Wheelie Bin we can empty this for you.   Check out our online order page for the casual service pricing.



If you have any further questions please read our Terms and Conditions or Contact our Customer Service Team. Happy gardening!